How to Cover Up a Widow's Peak

By Woodrow Savage

A widow's peak is an area in the center of the forehead where the hairline dips down to a point. Instead of having a hairline that is a straight line above the forehead, people with widow's peaks have distinctive V-shaped hairlines. If you have a widow's peak and feel self-conscious about your hairline, there several simple ways to hide it, such as choosing a hairstyle that covers your widow's peak or wearing accessories that hide your hairline.

You can hide your widow's peak with certain accessories and hairstyles.

Step 1

Tell your hairstylist during your next appointment that you want a hairstyle that will downplay or hide your widow's peak. Many styles will help hide your hairline, such as side-swept bangs or a layered hairstyle that has a layer that comes down to your ears. Also ask your hairstylist about how well-placed highlights can help downplay your widow's peak.

Step 2

Style your hair in a way that hides your hairline. Heavy bangs with a side part is a great style for disguising a widow's peak. Achieve this look by applying styling gel to wet, freshly washed hair and blow drying it with a hair dryer set on the highest setting while forming a side part with a paddle brush at the same time. Form the part on either side of the head, as long as it creates a sweeping effect across the forehead in a way that hides your widow's peak.

Step 3

Accessorize with hair bands or bandannas that cover the hairline, thereby hiding your widow's peak.