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Sure, you love your bangs but not the blunt, straight across effect you are sporting right now. Fix your beauty blunder by adding texture to your bangs, and creating a wispy effect. Not all bangs styles are created equal, and sometimes what looks fabulous on someone else may not be the best look for you. Style your own bangs, and save money, by cutting your hair between trips to the salon. Remember, your hair will always grow back so do not be scared to use the scissors; however, if you are feeling nervous then grab a friend to help you cut.

Run a comb through your bangs to ensure they are tangle-free. Your hair will need to be completely dry before cutting, suggests Kevin Mancuso, the creative director of Nexxus, because wet hair is longer than normal.

Comb hair straight down towards your nose. Thick bangs will need to be separated so the texture is disbursed evenly. To separate bangs, insert the end of a rat-tail comb horizontally into the center of the bangs and pull the top layer up and back towards the crown of your head. Secure with a hair clip.

Work from the center of your bangs outward to each side. Hold the hair in your non-dominant hand between the pointer finger and middle finger, while using your dominant hand to cut with the small, sharp scissors.

Make vertical cuts in the bottom layer of the bangs using the small, scarp scissors. The scissors should only go a 1/4 inch deep into the hair. Continue cutting across the bangs until you complete the lower layer.

Release the upper layer and repeat the cutting process. Brush bangs to remove any stray hairs and style as normal.


Add texturizing gel to your bangs to create a chunky look. Side-sweep bangs for a more elegant and dramatic look. Always cut less than more because you can always go shorter, but not longer.