How to Change the Batteries in a Fossil Kaleido Watch

By Meredith Jameson

The Fossil Company sells clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories for men and women, including watches. The Fossil Kaleido watch comes in four styles with a kaleidoscope design on the face and a leather wristband. Fossil watches typically come with a case on which the back either snaps or screws closed. A small flat tool is required to open both types in order to replace the battery. A small flat-head—or slotted—screwdriver, such as one used for eyeglass repair, is recommended. For watches that have a screw-back case, a special case wrench tool may be necessary.

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Step 1

Determine what kind of case back the watch has by examining the back. A back that snaps on will be smooth on the surface with a small notch on the side that is aligned with a small notch in the side of the watch. A screw back will have several small slots on the back.

Step 2

Insert the blade of the small screwdriver in the notch between the case back and the watch for snap-back cases. Wriggle the blade slightly underneath the case back. This will cause the case back to lift off the watch.

Step 3

Insert the screwdriver into the small notches on a screw back and turn it counterclockwise. After each of the slots has been turned, the case back will pop off. In some cases, a special case wrench will be necessary to open a scew-back case. A case wrench has several metal tips that are inserted into the notches on the case back simultaneously.The case wrench is then turned counterclockwise to remove the watch back. A case wrench may be purchased at many watch repair stores or from online sources.

Step 4

Lift the edge of the metal clip holding the battery with the screwdriver blade and pop off the clip. If there is a small notch on the clip, use the small screwdriver to unscrew the clip.

Step 5

Replace the watch battery with a new battery and return the clip to the original position.

Step 6

Look for a rubber sealing gasket on the case back. If it is present, ensure that it is inserted properly before placing the case back on the watch. Set the case back on the watch and line up any notches on the case back with notches on the watch. Use both thumbs to press the case back gently into place for a snap-back case. If it is a screw back, use the screwdriver or case wrench to turn the back in a clockwise motion.

Step 7

Reset the watch if necessary.