Jewelry for piercing.

Simple studs, bold barbells and classic hoops allow you to accessorize your cartilage and showcase your unique style. Swapping out your jewelry adds some variety to your look, but changing cartilage jewelry is more complicated than replacing traditional earrings. Gentle care and proper hygiene ensure you successfully change your cartilage jewelry without causing irritation or an infection.

Cartilage, or firm connective tissue, is found all over the body, but two types of cartilage are popular for piercing. Ear cartilage, found on the top half of the ear above the lobe, as well as nose cartilage can be adorned with jewelry.

Getting your cartilage pierced isn't a lifelong commitment. Over time, you might prefer a different style of jewelry. When you do change them out, practice good hygiene to minimize your risk of irritation or infection.