Sparkling sequins
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Sequins can brighten up your eyes and make for good costume makeup for special events. While you may think sequins are only for craft projects, they can be attached to the face fairly easily as well. With the help of some cosmetic adhesive and proper placement, sequins on your face can be added for a more festive touch. Whether you choose a more demure color all over, like pink, or cover your eyes in a spray of several colors, you can fashion a look that will last all night.

Clean the area that you plan on placing the sequins. They will stick better if you don't have too much oil on your face, which can cause the sequins to slip. It's also helpful if the area is hair-free; hair can also make for an unreliable adhesive.

Flip the sequins over so that their back is facing you. Cut the tip of your eyelash glue bottle, and add a small amount of glue to the back of the sequin. The glue should only be about a quarter of the size of the sequin. If you add too much, your sequin can slide and adhere to the incorrect spot. Use just enough glue, and it will adhere quickly.

Pick up the sequin with a set of tweezers; be careful not to tamper with the glue. Bring the tweezers up to you face and place it on the spot that you've prepared.

Release the tweezers and press down on the sequin with your clean forefinger. Hold in place firmly for 30 seconds before removing your finger. The sequin should be attached securely. Add as many more as you'd like. One sequin on the corner of your eye is demure, but a large amount is sparkly and flamboyant; how many you use depends on the look that you're going for.

Avoid water for the rest of the night. Eyelash glue is water-soluble, so getting water on your face may cause the sequins to fall off.