Blue and violet sparks

For special occasions and moments that call for high glamour, loose glitter can give you that "wow" factor. Applying it can be a bit intimidating if you don't know where to start. The keys are choosing the right adhesive and

using only cosmetic-grade glitter

Step 1: Choose the Right Primer

Select a good glitter adhesive or primer. Most glitter primers are clearly labeled with their intended purpose, so look for labels that mention glitter. Many cosmetic lines carry these primers, so they won't be hard to find. Primers that are a neutral shade are a great choice for using with pigmented eye shadows. Find a formula that has a sticky consistency and is not runny—the latter can run into your eyes. Some adhesives go on like liquid but become tacky after a few seconds of drying, which should be fine as long as you're careful not to get it into your peepers. Apply the product to the back of your hand to see how it feels.


Apply eye shadow and glitter before applying foundation, since glitter has a tendency to go all over the place.

Step 2: Prep Your Eyes

Apply eye shadow if you want to use a color. Use your fingers or a brush to apply the adhesive or primer to your eyelid liberally; follow label directions.

Step 3: Apply Glitter

Dip a

damp fluffy eye-shadow brush

into the loose glitter. Lightly tap the brush to remove any excess. Tilt your head back to allow a more favorable angle for application; this also reduces the chances of glitter falling onto your face or into your eyes. If desired, place an index card under your lower lashes to catch any stray glitter. Use the brush to

pat the glitter onto your closed lid

. Continue until you feel the glitter has settled into place. To brush off glitter that has fallen onto your face, close your eyes and use a large fan brush with a flicking motion to sweep any glitter away.


Glitter can cling to eyelashes if you apply mascara first, so save mascara until the end.

Removing Glitter

The most effective method to remove eye glitter is with

olive or coconut oil

. Apply a few drops to a cotton round, gently press the round onto your closed eyes and let it set for about a minute to allow the oil to dissolve your adhesive. Firmly press your fingers on the round and slide it off of your eyelid. You can also safely remove loose glitter with a gentle makeup remover wipe, but it may take several swipes.