Glitter eyeshadow is a fun element to incorporate in your makeup look but it doesn’t always have the strongest staying power. Additionally, things can get a little messy and you might wind up with glitter everywhere but your eyes. Whether it’s glitter-embedded eyeshadow or loose glitter, you’ll need to apply the proper base and/or cosmetic adhesive for it to stick and stay.


Glitter-embedded eyeshadow doesn’t apply or wear the same as traditional eyeshadow, so it’s important to prep your eyelid using an eyeshadow base or primer. The “less is more” rule applies to both primer and eyeshadow; using too much product can have an adverse effect and cause creasing.

Whether applying a powder- or cream-based glitter-embedded eyeshadow:

Use a flat eyeshadow brush or your clean ring finger and place a thin layer of eyeshadow base or primer all over the lid up to the brow bone. Blend and smooth out with a small, fluffy, rounded brush. Again, using a flat eyeshadow brush or your ring finger, dab the glitter-embedded eyeshadow in patting motions to place product densely and neatly. Add more product as needed.


White bases make eyeshadow shades brighter, vibrant and truer to the color in the pan, while black bases help create a deeper, more saturated color.

More so than glitter-embedded eyeshadow, loose glitters tend to produce even more fall-out and can transfer off the eye quite easily. In this case, loose glitters require a stronger base like cosmetic adhesive or glitter glue. You can skip the conventional eyeshadow primer and head straight for the glue. However, if you’re applying your loose glitter directly over top of existing eyeshadow, prep with primer or base before eyeshadow to ensure that your color stays put before you apply the glue.

Apply a thin layer of glue using the product applicator or your clean ring finger. Pour a small amount of loose glitter onto a clean surface; the cap works just fine. Using a flat eyeshadow brush or your ring finger, pick up a minimal amount of loose glitter, tap the excess off — this is optional but will avoid creating more fall-out — and dab onto the eyelid. Add more glitter as needed.


Try using a setting spray at the end of your application to lock in the glitter.

Grab a couple of cotton rounds and an oil-based eye makeup remover. Dampen a cotton round with water and also splash your eye area with some water. Add the eye makeup remover to the water-saturated cotton round. Gently press and hold the saturated cotton round over the eye for a few seconds to soak the area. Begin to lightly rub away the glitter, going over the area several times until all has been removed. Use as many cotton rounds saturated with water and eye makeup remover as needed. Rinse with fresh water, and firmly but gently pat the eye area dry with a soft cloth or tissue.