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Applying two eye shadow colors is a simple way to intensify your eye shadow look and create some depth in your peepers. You can use any eye shadow colors that you want for this look, but the key to creating depth is to choose one light eye shadow and another shadow that’s similar in color, but at least a few shades darker.

Step One

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Use a flat, dense eye shadow brush to pick up some of the lighter eye shadow color. Tap off the excess and press the color into your lid up to your crease. Do this until the color covers the entire lid area, from inner tear duct to outer corner, where your eyelashes end.

Step Two

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Pick up some of the darker color with a rounded, fluffy crease brush. Tap off the excess and place the tip of the shadow brush right at the outer corner of your eyelid near your lash line. Move the brush back and forth across your crease in a windshield wiper motion.

Step Three

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Use a clean, fluffy blending brush to blend the colors together and get rid of any harsh lines. Start at the outer corner and blend back and forth using small circular motions and the same windshield wiper motion that you did to apply the color.

Pro Tip

• Apply the darker color a little bit at a time. You can always add more color until you reach the intensity that you want, but it’s difficult to remove color once it’s in place. • If you’re a beginner, use matte colors instead of colors with a lot of shimmer or sparkle. Matte colors are more forgiving and tend to blend easier than shimmery ones.


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