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M.A.C. is a makeup brand that stands for Makeup Artists Choice. It's a mid-end cosmetics brand that is available at department stores. M.A.C. is a favorite of makeup artists, but is also used by women everywhere. The main reason this brand is so popular is because the colors tend to be vibrant and long-lasting, without being too expensive. The M.A.C. Paint Pot is one such pigmented eye color that is long-wearing and creamy.

Damp Brush

One of the issues with the paint pots is that they can dry out quickly. One tip to applying it is to do so with a damp brush, which will allow you to use the paint pot even if it has dried out. This is much better than fingertips or a dry brush. Use an angled brush and hold the bristles under a faucet very briefly. Dab the brush on your arm to get rid of any excess water. Swipe the brush across the top of the product and then apply it to your eyelids.


Apply the M.A.C Paint Pot to just one eyelid at a time. As it dries quickly, finish all of your blending and application on one eye before moving onto the next, as once it sets on your eye, it's stuck unless you wash it all off and start again. Use a flat brush to blend the edges of the inside and outside of your eye outwards. Otherwise, there will be hard edges and it will look obvious.


You can also use the neutral and light colors as concealer for under eyes or even on pimples or scars. It works particularly well for dark under-eye circles. To apply it, just use a concealer brush and apply by dabbing on the area that you are trying to conceal. Spread it outwards using the brush to cover the entire area. After you apply it, set it using loose or pressed powder. As the paint pots are long-wearing, it should last all day without needing a touch-up.