Take your makeup to a fun new level by adding shimmering rhinestones to your face. Light reflects off the facets of the stones, subtly enhancing your features. Whether you use the gems to create a jeweled beauty mark, accentuate your eyes, or simply experiment with different designs, applying facial rhinestones is a simple, fast way to have fun with your beauty routine.

Things You'll Need

Wash your face with your regular cleanser and dry the skin thoroughly. Lightly moisturize your skin according to your normal routine. Apply your foundation and powder, if you’re using it. Wait until the surface of your skin is dry and any moisturizer is absorbed before getting started.

Place a dot of adhesive on your face in the spot you’d like to add sparkle. Let the glue sit for about 20 seconds – this will allow it to get tacky. Use your fingers or tweezers to affix a flat back rhinestone over the adhesive and lightly press it into place.

Create your design. For sparkling cat eyes, glue four or five rhinestones in an upward curving line extending from the outer edge of each eye up to each brow. Add colored rhinestones to intensify the effect, or stick with clear stones for a more subtle shine. Alternatively, try a design such as a swirl or flower.

When you’re ready, remove the rhinestones from your face by following the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Some glues are easily removed by gently peeling, while others require a special remover such as a lash glue remover.


  • Select clear adhesive designed for sensitive skin to reduce the chances of an allergic reaction and minimize the appearance of the glue itself.

  • If you can’t find cosmetic adhesive, try using lash glue to apply facial rhinestones.

  • If you want to keep the rhinestones in place for a long time, or if you know you’ll be splashing around, waterproof adhesive is an excellent option — although it will be harder to remove.