Shimmer powder is an incredibly versatile makeup that can provide an all over glow and when applied properly, highlight certain features. Choose a face or body powder with a very fine shimmer -- with no obvious flecks of glitter -- to keep your skin looking dewy rather than disco. A golden shimmer can bring out the luster of tanned skin, while silver, champagne or peachy pink shimmer flatters fairer tones.

On Your Face

Complete your entire makeup regimen, then pat a small makeup brush in your shimmer powder. Tap or blow lightly on the brush to remove excess powder. Choose from loose or pressed powder.

Smooth a fine layer of powder on your brow bone, just under your eyebrow and above where your eyelid naturally creases. Sweep the brush back and forth lightly to blend.

Tap a small amount of powder on the inside corner of each eye, near your tear ducts, to make your eyes look bigger.

Dust shimmer powder in a thin line down the bridge of your nose to slim and give definition to a wide nose.

Apply a tiny bit of shimmer powder with a small brush on the indentation of your upper lip, also called the cupid's bow, to make your lips look fuller.

Pat a medium-sized brush in the powder and tap to remove excess powder. Use two fingers to find the hard ridge of the tops of your cheekbones, just under your eyes. Apply a small amount of shimmer along the ridge using an upward sweeping motion.

Sweep a fine layer of shimmer powder along the edge of your jawbone from earlobe to earlobe to add definition.

Body Shimmer

Moisturize your skin and allow it to dry completely. Apply your shimmer before you get dressed to keep powder off your clothes.

Pat a large brush in the body shimmer powder and tap or blow to remove excess powder.

Run your brush lightly along your collar bone from the tip of one shoulder to the other, to define your shoulders and collarbone. Focus on the areas where your shoulders and collarbone naturally catch light in the sun.

Sweep shimmer powder on the fullest part of the top of your chest and in your cleavage to reflect light and make your bust look fuller.

Use long sweeping strokes and your large brush to apply shimmer down the center of each leg from your knee and down your shin bone, which will diffuse imperfections and create the illusion of slimmer, more toned legs.


Check your shimmer in natural light to make sure you haven't applied too much. Use a clean makeup brush to blend and remove excess powder.


Avoid using shimmer over blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles or any imperfections you don't want noticed. Because shimmer highlights skin, it will make puffy eyes look even more pronounced.

Oily skin can look too shiny with shimmer, so avoid or use sparingly on oily areas.