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You don't have to take professional makeup courses to learn how to correctly apply bareMinerals makeup, the powder foundation created by Bare Escentuals. Mineral makeup is made of only natural minerals found in the earth. Mineral-based makeup is not only more flattering to complexions, but is a lot easier to apply than cream or liquid makeup. Mineral-based makeup comes in all forms of cosmetics, such as foundation, translucent face powder, blush and eye shadow.

Before you apply your bareMinerals makeup, make sure you've selected the right shade for your complexion. If one shade does not exactly match your skin tone, then use a second shade to blend it with for a more exact match. Also, use the proper brushes that come with the bareMinerals kit.

Start with a clean, toned and moisturized face. Apply primer over your moisturizer to smooth out your skin.

Put a small amount, approximately 1/8 teaspoon, of your bareMinerals foundation makeup in the cap of the container. One of the most frequent problems with applying bareMinerals makeup is using too much. A little of the mineral foundation goes a long way.

Swirl the makeup brush in the mineral powder. Load your makeup brush by dipping and swirling in the cap. The goal is to work the loose powder makeup evenly throughout the brush.

Tap the side of the makeup brush on the edge of the lid. This rids the brush of excess mineral makeup. The extra should just fall back into the cap.

Buff the powder evenly over your entire face and neck in circular motions. Applying a second layer will only smooth your complexion further -- it won't look cakey like other foundations.

Use the concealer brush with the bareMinerals powder as a concealer too.

Finish with a translucent mineral powder to set the bareMinerals foundation.


Keep your makeup brushes clean by washing them every two to four weeks with an antibacterial soap.