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If you own a watch, chances are you've had to adjust it from time to time in order to fit on your wrist. The Seiko watch bracelet can be adjusted to your specifications using to the pin adjustment features found on the clasp. All you need to adjust your Seiko watch bracelet is a spring bar tool and a few moments of time.

Lay your watch on its side. Seiko bracelet watches have a series of small adjustment holes along the edge of the clasp. Locate the spring bar holes on each end of the clasp.

Insert your spring bar tool into the spring bar hole on one side of the clasp.

Push the spring bar in from one hole to the next hole in the clasp. Move carefully, pushing the spring bar in one hole at a time, one side of the clasp at a time.

Turn the watch over and adjust the holes on the other side of the spring bar, following the same procedure.

Move the spring bar slowly back into each hole until it clicks into the hole on the other side of the watch.

Try on the watch. If it is too loose, continue the process of tightening the adjustment holes.

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