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A hand stamp has many uses. It can be a fancy design, a signifier of acceptance to a club or a mark of entry into an event. For a friend who doesn't have a stamp, it just signifies their being left out. Now this can all be changed. All it takes is a can of hairspray, some clear packing tape and a steady hand.

Hold the aerosol hairspray bottle at least 6 inches away from the hand that has the stamp on it. Spray the stamp with a light coating of hairspray, which will re-wet the ink.

Take a piece of packing tape and gently but firmly press the tape over the now-wet hand stamp. Apply equal pressure to all parts of the tape to ensure even transfer.

Apply the piece of tape that has the stamp transfer on it to the hand that does not have a stamp on it. Again, press gently but firmly while applying equal pressure to all parts of the tape. Remove the tape slowly.


Tape is essential to this process. You cannot simply transfer the stamp from one hand to the other without tape unless it is a very generic stamp, as this method of transfer will make the stamp appear backward.


Be very careful with the distance of the hairspray bottle from the hand. If it is too close, the hairspray will pool on the hand, destroying the stamp altogether.