Fondant cake decoration, close-up. Skilled woman in bakery decorating cake with white fondant, copy space.

If you have a Cricut machine, you know how convenient as well as cost-effective it can be to cut out any design you can imagine. Take that ability to the next level, and use the same machine to cut fondant for cakes and cookies. With just a few easy alterations to your Cricut machine, you can be cutting all the fondant designs you could possibly imagine and save yourself the cost of having both a Cricut and a Cricut Cake. The best part is that the alterations are so minute, you can continue to use your Cricut for paper projects as well.

Remove the rubber rollers from the Cricut machine. The rollers are spaced across the bar steel bar that is near the blade. If the rollers don't slide to the side of the machine, you can cut them off altogether.

Spread the Cricut cutting mat with butter or oil to prevent the fondant from sticking. If you have a Cricut that uses a 12-inch-by-12-inch mat, you can use the Cricut Cake mat. If you use one of the usual Cricut cutting mats, remove the stickiness first so you don't contaminate your fondant.

Spread the fondant on the cutting mat. You may need to practice this a few times until you find the right thickness for the fondant. If you find that the fondant is too thick, run it through a pasta maker set to its thinnest setting. Try to get the fondant to a thickness of 1/8 inch to allow the blade to cut the fondant without damaging it.

Cut your design. Again, you may need to try this a few times to get the desired pressure, speed and blade setting. You will want your pressure to be quite high, as it has to push through a thick substance. You should also use a deep-cut blade to ensure that it passes through the entire layer.


Keep in mind that the Cricut is not designed specifically for food preparation, so clean it thoroughly if you plan to use it to cut fondant.