Cutting lines into the side of your hair or someone else's in an easy procedure that gives you the ability to be as creative as you want. Though you must have a short, buzz-cut-style haircut to make this process stand out, there are no other restrictions. Because this process takes only a matter of minutes, you can also touch up your work daily to maintain a tidy appearance.

Drip a few drops of clipper oil onto a set of electric hair clippers, then turn on the clippers to allow the oil to work its way into the teeth. Wipe off excess oil with a tissue or towel.

Stand in front of a mirror that has ample lighting, and turn the clippers on.

Hold the cutting blades of the clippers against your hair and gently slide the device in the direction you require to make your intended pattern. If you wish to achieve simple, straight lines, move the clipper along a straight path. If you want curvy lines, slowly turn the clipper as it cuts.

Brush the design with a short-bristled brush to remove any excess loose hair and identify any areas that may need further attention.

Shave away excess hair with a straight razor blade by holding the blade in one hand and gently sliding it against your scalp. Brush your hair again and perform any additional touch-up work until the design is complete.