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Styling African American hair can be difficult, but with a bit of practice you will have enough experience to do it expertly. Parting African American Hair has its own challenges that must be practiced. Whether you want a perfectly straight part or a fancy artistically inspired part in your hair, here are the steps you should follow.

Choosing the correct comb. Rattail combs are recommended for parting African American hair. A rattail comb is a small-toothed comb with a long handle that come to a point. The point in the handle is what is used to part the hair. Some rattail combs have a stainless steel handle/pointed end.

Preparing the hair. If your hair in tangled or knotted up, (especially if you wear it natural) you need to apply a hair crème or oil to make it manageable so that you do not break or damage your hair. Just use your favorite crème or oil hairdressing and smooth it through your hair before styling.

Parting the hair. Lightly run the point of the comb along where you want the part in your hair to be. As you make the part, use your finger to separate the hairs on your head pulling them to each side of the part. Run your comb end along the part again, moving individual strands in order to make your part straight.

To make fancy parts, such as a zigzag or curve, first part your hair as normal, then use the rattail comb to make adjust your straight part into a more fancy part by moving small sections of hair at a time.