how to fix a timex indiglo
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Timex Indiglo watches are known to be user-friendly, with instructions often written on the back of the watch. It is simple to change batteries and often easy to fix other problems as well. If you're wondering why they're called Indiglo watches, it's because you can light up the watch face when pressing a side button. The light makes it look like the watch is glowing, which some people find particularly helpful to tell time at night and in dimly lit areas. If you're looking for a few tips on how to maintain and fix your Indiglo watch, keep reading for our best recommendations.

Replace Battery

Take a very small flat-end screwdriver and insert it into the back of the watch plate where there is a small opening or gap between the back plate and the body of the watch. Pry open the back plate.

Unscrew the tiny screw with the small screwdriver, holding the battery bar in place until loose. Take the screwdriver or a finger and push the battery bar holding the battery in place over in order to access the battery itself.

Take out the battery with the tip of your finger or pry it out gently with the screw driver. Replace the battery with a CR1216 lithium battery with the plus side facing up.

Take the screwdriver and screw the battery bar back down after pushing it back over the battery to hold it in place.

Turn the watch over to be sure the battery is working before putting the back plate back on. If the battery still isn’t working, turn the battery around to be sure it is turned the right way. Snap the back plate back down with your fingers when the battery is working again.

Waterlogged Watch Stopped

Open the back of the watch with a small flat-end screwdriver and insert into the back of the watch plate where there is a small opening or gap between the back plate and the body of the watch. Pry it open.

Inspect the inside of the watch to look at how much water is in it. Turn the watch over to gently shake excess water out.

Get a hairdryer and put it to the lowest setting. Blow the hairdryer into the watch for a few minutes. Let the watch sit out with the back plate off for about 24 hours to let anything else air dry.

Check the watch to see if it is working again. If it is working, snap the back plate back on with your fingers.

Can't Turn Watch Alarm Off

Press the "Start/Split" or "Stop/Reset" button your Indiglo. Hold it down long enough to stop all of the cycle alarms if they are going off.

Look for the clock icon that shows up on your watch face to see if the alarm is disarmed. Press the "Mode" button and hold it down until you see your watch is in "Alarm" mode to turn off your alarm permanently.

Press the "Set/Recall" button to set the alarm. Hold down the "Stop/Reset" button to see all of the alarms you have set. Select the alarm you want to stop and press the "Stop/Reset" button until you have stopped the alarm for good.