Dmitry Poliansky

Purpose of an Enema

An enema is a natural choice for cleansing a person's bowels and colon. It washes out the fecal matter and build up that was probably causing you discomfort and minor health problems. If you are experiencing bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation or tiredness, try an enema before paying for a doctor's visit. You may just need to clean out your bowels and colon. If the enema doesn't relieve your symptoms, seek medical treatment.

What an Enema Does

The pump on the enema kit pushes the water solution in to the bowels and deep in to the colon. It then rinses the fecal build up on all sides. This loosens the fecal matter and frees it to be expelled. It can be expelled in a matter of seconds or in a matter of hours. Your bowels and colon are left clean and able to function at their best once again. You should feel an immediate difference.

Choose an Enema Based on Your Specific Needs

There are many different types of enemas a person can use. The basic ingredient is water and then the different types of enemas add herbs that are known to help with specific problems. The first type of enema is a barium enema which is the one used by hospitals to get patients ready for testing. An Epsom Salt enema is used for those who have severe constipation. A coffee enema is used detoxify a person's liver. If you have any kind of liver disease you may want to try this enema. A vinegar enema is a common enema to put together for use at home. A yogurt enema is used for killing the bacteria in the colon. This is helpful for colon cancer, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome.

Enema Instructions

Lay down on a towel, preferably in your bathroom. Lubricate the enema tube tip with the lubricant provided in your kit or use olive oil. While you are laying flat on your back insert the enema tube tip in to your rectum. Allow the fluid to fill you inside. When you feel full you can stop the enema bag from continuing with the valve found on the bag. Wait until you don't feel full any more and continue. If at any time you need to stop and sit on the toilet to eliminate your waste, then do so. Then resume the enema until all of the fluid is used up. Remain on the toilet until you don't feel like you need to go anymore. Some therapies require you to repeat this once per day for 7 days.