Enemas may be necessary before doctors perform certain medical procedures. Enemas may also be helpful for the relief of occasional constipation in children and adults. In particular, a rectal bulb and syringe enema is usually a small volume enema that can be utilized to cleanse the sigmoid or lower part for the colon. These types of enemas may require water or an enema solution. If you follow some basic recommendations and observe the proper care, it is very easy to use a rectal syringe.

Rinse the bulb and rectal syringe with water thoroughly before using them. Most pharmacies or drugstores carry these products. The syringe resembles a pipe-like nozzle.

Fill the bulb with warm water. The water should be slightly above body temperature or approximately 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The bulb can hold eight ounces of the water. If using an enema solution recommended by a doctor, follow the instructions for this product.

Insert the rectal syringe or nozzle into the bulb with the open-ended tip facing upright. Be sure to squeeze the bulb to expel any air bubbles. Apply the lubricant to the rectal syringe.

Place the plastic bag on the bathtub floor and spread the towel over the bag. Recline on the towel on your right side with knees drawn to the side. Lubricate the rectum area with the jelly. You can use gloves to do this.

Insert the tip of the syringe and gently push it up slowly until it is near the bulb part. Squeeze the bulb slowly to release the water or solution into the lower colon.

Remove the rectal bulb and syringe from the rectum. Stay in the same position until you feel the urge for a bowel movement. When ready for a bowel movement, get up from the bathtub and go to the toilet.

Refill the rectal syringe and repeat Step 5 to Step 6 if there is no bowel movement after 20 minutes.


To use a rectal syringe on an infant, it may be best to put him over your knee before giving the enema. Be sure to use an infant rectal bulb and syringe, which is smaller and holds less content, usually about three ounces.

Be sure to clean thoroughly the bulb and rectal syringe with soap and water after using them.


Make sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold.

Do not push or force the rectal syringe into the rectum if you feel any resistance.