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Cleaning the sinuses when an infection is present helps clear up the condition, according to Brown University Health Education. Blocked sinuses are also uncomfortable and make it difficult to breathe easily or sleep well. Irrigation (flushing or cleaning) the sinuses is a procedure that is done at home with readily available and inexpensive materials. The person suffering from sinus conditions can repeat the process as necessary.

Combine 1 oz. of hydrogen peroxide with 7 oz. of water and 1 tsp. of table salt and mix well. For comfort during application, warm the mixture to body temperature by sitting the mixing cup in a sink of hot water.

Place the mixture in an electric dental water-pik with a special attachment called a Grossan Nasal Irrigator Tip, both of which are available at retail stores. Before beginning the procedure, test the water-pik and attachment to be certain the water pressure does not rise over 1 inch high above the top of the Nasal Irrigator Tip.

Insert the Nasal Irrigator Tip a comfortable distance into one nostril, position the nose above the sink and run one-half of the solution into one nostril. Don’t allow the mixture to run down the back of the throat. Keep the throat closed by blowing out gently through the lips while running the mixture through. The mixture will flow out of the other nostril.

Duplicate the process with the other nostril. Repeat as often as necessary at each session and conduct no more than three sessions per day. The hydrogen peroxide will bubble and fizz inside the nose and will feel unusual.

Use a nasal emollient, which is available at retail stores, if desired, to keep the inside of the nose from drying out.


Be prepared for a tickling sensation while irrigating the nose so choking can be avoided.


Consult a physician for a chronic problem or if bleeding occurs.