neti pot

A Neti Pot is a nasal and sinus cleansing device that dates back to the Yogis of India. It is part of the Hatha Yoga tradition, and is currently a very popular alternative method of treating nasal dryness and allergies as well as nasal cold and flu symptom and sinusitis. It's a small pot that holds about 8 ounces of water, and has a spout just big enough to fit into one of your nostrils. When done correctly, using a Neti Pot is very comfortable and can provide lasting relief of nasal issues.

Prepare your neti pot solution. Mix 1/4 tablespoon of pure sea salt with 8 ounces of warm water. The water should be room temperature or just slightly warmer. If the water is too cold or too warm, you will experience mild discomfort.

Stir the mixture well until all the salt is dissolved. This creates a solution very close to your body's natural fluids. If you neglect this step, undissolved salt could irritate your nasal passages.

Bend over your sink and tilt your head to the left side. Raise the neti pot to your nose and place the spot in your right nostril. Begin to pour one half of the solution into your nose. The water will flow out of your left nostril. Continue to breath from your mouth, as this will help you to relax. If your solution is the right temperature, you should barely feel the flow of salt water. Repeat this process by tilting your head to the right and poring the remaining half of neti pot solution through the left nostril.

Clear remaining fluid from your nasal passageways by bending forward at the waist and gently moving your head from side to side. Stand up slowly and then blow your nose to clear it of remaining fluids.Don't skip this step as problems can result from liquid being trapped in places where it will not easily dry or evaporate.

Practice neti each morning. As you become more comfortable with the process, you can use a whole pot per each nostril.


  • Use a pure sea salt without any additives. You can also purchase medical salt or premixed saline.

    Clean your neti pot after each use. Only use a mild soap and water, as chemical residue can irritate your nasal passages.