Soap suds enemas are used to promote the emptying of the bowels to relieve constipation or to clean the lower colon. Soap solutions are mixed and then administered via an enema bag or bottle. You can make this mixture ahead of time for convenience and ease of use.

Measure 2 qt. of water and place in a storage container or jar.

Add castile soap to the water. Depending on the strength of the enema desired, add ¼ to 2 oz. of soap.

Mix the soap and water together well by shaking the container gently for 1 minute.

Pour the soap solution into the enema bag or bottle when ready for use, and place into a sink of hot water to warm the soap solution. Test the temperature of the solution prior to administration of the enema to avoid burns. The water should not exceed 103 degrees F.


Always consult with your doctor if you have questions regarding the use of soap suds enemas and your particular medical condition.