Green tea extract is taken as a supplement and is easy to make at home. The University of Maryland Medical Center’s website reports that the potential health benefits of green tea have been studied extensively; these studies suggest that green tea may have numerous beneficial uses, including lowering the risk of heart disease, preventing and treating cancerous tumors, encouraging weight loss and slowing the aging process.

How To Make Green Tea Extract

Combine the tea with the mineral water.

Steep the tea at room temperature for 1 hour.

Pour the tea into the lidded container, straining the tea as you pour.

Refrigerate the covered tea extract.

Discard the loose tea or tea bags.


Green tea is also used as an ingredient in some beauty products, due to its purported anti-aging properties. To make your own green tea moisture cream, add a small amount of green tea extract to plain skin lotion.


If you are taking the prescription drug Velcade, do not consume any green tea product, as a 2009 University of Southern California study concluded that green tea renders the drug useless.