Keeping it cool

Igloo drink coolers are primarily designed to keep beverages cold, but some of their products are capable of keeping drinks like coffee, water, and cocoa hot. Make sure to use a cooler approved for hot liquids.

Purchase the appropriate Igloo cooler. The only two models approved by the brand to hold hot beverages are the Igloo beverage cube with the friction-fit lid and the classic stainless steel coolers.

Wash the cooler prior to your first use.

Prepare the hot beverage. The Igloo coolers are not designed to heat a beverage; they simply maintain the original temperature of the liquid when it's poured into the cooler. Carefully pour the beverage into the cooler, protecting yourself from hot splashes.

Serve the beverage. Use cups that are designed to hold hot liquids.

To keep the cooler free of coffee and tea stains, empty and wash immediately after use. Do not let unused liquids sit in the cooler for extended periods of time. Igloo recommends using a mild detergent and water to clean their coolers. For tough stains, use a diluted mixture of baking soda and water.


Post a "HOT" sign on the cooler to warn people to take special care when pouring their drink.


Keep the cooler out of the reach of children to protect them from scalding themselves.