All Natural Dietary Fiber Supplement in Capsule Form

A clean colon is essential to good health. When your colon is filled with excess waste and toxins, you can't feel your best. Toxins from the colon can absorb through the intestinal wall into the rest of your body, causing you to feel sick and run down. Eventually, this leaking of toxins can lead to a host of other health problems. Unfortunately, constipation is a big problem in society today, since many people eat processed foods that are low in fiber and high in fat. However, it is fairly easy to clean a colon with home remedies.

Start with fiber. Taking a fiber supplement twice a day will encourage extra bowel movements and is a gentle way to continually clean your colon.

Clean up toxins as well as waste with volcanic ash. Volcanic ash can be purchased at most health food stores in a liquid preparation and soaks up toxins in the colon. It pushes out excess waste along with the toxins for an exceptionally clean bowel.

Give yourself a coffee enema. Prepare 1 cup of strong coffee. The coffee should be plain, with no added flavors, and preferably organic. Let the coffee cool, then place the coffee in a rubber ball syringe. Squirt the coffee into your anus with the syringe, let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes, then push it out. The caffeine in the coffee will cause your colon muscles to contract, which will push out whatever is in there.

Use psyllium husk. This indigestible fiber binds up excess waste in your colon and moves it out rather quickly. You can put psyllium husk in smoothies or use it in baking. Use 2 tsps. at a time to start. If this doesn't work for you, keep increasing your dose by 1 tsp. each time you use it until you get results.

Drink a laxative tea made from herbs. There are several brands of herbal laxative teas on the market to choose from, depending on your personal tastes. These provide a gentle cleanse that is excellent for times when you want a little extra help moving your bowels but don't want to do an intensive, explosive cleaning.