Mycotoxins can be ingested through various strains of molds, yeasts and fungi, or by spending a great deal of time near infected livestock feed. A healthy diet and habits can go a long way in cleansing the body from mycotoxins and other unhealthy substances, but adding herbs to your diet can give you the extra boost you might need to cleanse your system. Whether you are freeing your body from mycotoxins or from substances like alcohol or medications, learn how to quickly and effectively get back on track using an herbal cleanse.

Use herbs to cleanse your stomach, intestinal tract and bowels where mycotoxins have the most effect. Know that flushing mycotoxins implies that the bad substances must leave your body, which will happen when you release waste by going to the bathroom. Use psyllium and goldenseal as herbal supplements to flush toxins out through your bowels. Add cascara sagrada to your cooking for an alternative method of ingesting a bowel cleansing herb.

Remove mycotoxins by adding garlic into your diet. Garlic is a natural antifungal and will kill mycotoxins in the body, plus it's easy to find and add to your food. Work licorice root and dandelion into your food to free up residual mycotoxins. Prepare toxins to be carried out of your system by adding black walnut hulls to your recipes. Buy Chinese herbs like pu gong ying and lian qiao for ancient methods of detoxification.

Drink at least half you weight in water each day, measuring in ounces; this means that if you weigh 160 lbs., you should consume 80 oz. of water. Note that water will flush away the unhealthy mycotoxins that the herbs help to loosen from your system. Drink decaffeinated herbal teas to assist you in consuming this much water.