By Carmen L. Diaz

Vinegar has been recognized throughout history for its many medicinal qualities and has been used since the Babylonians discovered it many centuries ago. One of its health benefits is colon cleansing. Deep cleansing of accumulated matter in the colon can help get rid of parasites, chemical residues and other toxins that can get reabsorbed by the body--causing many chronic health problems. You can make a healthy vinegar drink and use a vinegar enema that will benefit your health.

Colon Cleanse With Vinegar

Step 1

Mix water, honey and apple cider in a tall glass.

Step 2

Add more water if necessary to dilute vinegar well in the water.

Step 3

Drink it Immediately to enjoy its health benefits.

Step 4

Place the water and white vinegar in an enema bag. (The solution amount may be doubled if necessary.)

Step 5

Hang the enema bag from a place where it is about 18 inches higher than the body.

Step 6

Lubricate the tip of the tube you will insert on your body with the lubricant (jelly, oil or vitamin E).

Step 7

Let a small amount of water out of the bag to let out any air bubbles that may have formed.

Step 8

Lie down on your side.

Step 9

Gently insert the enema bag's tube 3 inches into your rectum. To ease the tube in, insert it in a rotating motion. Doing so will eliminate any kinks in it..

Step 10

Massage your abdomen to relieve any cramping you might experience with this cleansing enema.

Step 11

Lie on your left side for 4 or 5 minutes after you have entered all of the vinegar solution.

Step 12

Pull your knees to your chest and massage the lower left side of your abdomen for several minutes. (This will loosen any old fecal matter.)

Step 13

Lie on your back while massaging your abdomen for another 5 minutes.

Step 14

Lie on your right side and massage your abdomen for another 5 minutes to cover all parts of the colon.

Step 15

Hold the vinegar solution in your colon for a few minutes.

Step 16

Go to the bathroom to let out all the liquid.

Step 17

Wash and sterilize the tip of the enema bag.