How to Give a Soap Enema. Enemas are used to rehydrate and remove feces or corrosion from the colon. When the colon is corroded, it releases toxins into the body that cause many illnesses. Soap enemas expand the colon and clean the walls to remove anything caked on its sides. Read on to learn how to give a soap enema.

Mix the soap with 2 quarts of water. Use glycerin, castile or ivory soap. Do not use soap with added colors or fragrances. These irritate the colon and cause cramps and pain.

Lay out a towel on the bed or couch for the person taking the enema to lay on. Make the area peaceful with candles or calming music. Pour the soap mix into the enema bag and place or hold the bag about 3 feet above the enema takers bottom.

Instruct the enema taker to get into a comfortable position. Most people prefer to lay on their back or side when taking an enema.

Lubricate the rectum and anus with a water-based lubricant. Massage the lubricant into and around the rectum and anus.

Insert the nozzle into the rectum and hold the bag about 3 feet above the rectum. Turn on the flow of water and soap.

Stop the flow when the enema taker begins to cramp. Tell them to move into a different position and massage their colon counter-clockwise. Start at the bottom left side, massage up to the bottom of the rib cage and then move across the body and down the right side. Resume the flow of the enema when the cramping stops.

Remove the nozzle when the bag is empty. Let the enema taker release their bowels into the toilet. Clean all the equipment.

Fill the bag with 2 quarts of clear water and repeat Steps 1 through 7 with the clear water once the taker has released the soap into the toilet. The clear water rinses out the colon and removes any soap left inside.