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Tantra is a form of sexual activity that focuses on stimulation and intense pleasure. The yoni massage is given to a woman by her partner. "Yoni" is an alternative word in Tantra for the vagina. The purpose of the yoni massage is for the woman to relax and experience pleasure.

Ask the subject of the massage to empty her bladder.

Shower or bathe together.

Ask the woman to lie on her back with a pillow under her head and place a pillow under her hips. Ask her to put her feet halfway toward her buttocks, with her knees bent, and expose her yoni. Sit between her legs with your legs crossed.

Begin the breathing exercises that will continue throughout the massage.

Apply the lubricant or warm, scented oil to the outside of the yoni. Slowly and sensually massage her vaginal lips.

Rub her clitoris in a clockwise motion and then in a counterclockwise motion, adjusting the speed and pressure based on the woman's preferences.

Use your thumb and index finger to gently squeeze the clitoris.

Place your middle finger into the woman's yoni and explore various speeds and depths.

Focus your finger up toward the woman's G-spot, which is called the "sacred spot" in Tantra.

End the massage at the woman's request.


Pick up some scented Tantra oils to use in the massage. If the subject of the massage chooses, she might want to shave. Smoother genitals allow for a closer massage.


Do not focus on giving or receiving an orgasm. The purpose of the yoni massage is relaxation and intense pleasure.