How to Locate the Reflexology Bladder Zone. Reflexology is the act of applying pressure and massaging certain areas of the hands and the feet that affect different parts of a person's body. Using reflexology to massage specific areas of your body relieves stress on certain organs and muscles. Locating the bladder zone in reflexology is fairly simple. Use reflexology to stimulate your bladder to make it work more efficiently.

Ask the patient to make herself more comfortable by sitting or lying down. You want the patient to be relaxed during the process. This increases the effects of the reflexology.

Hold one of the patient's hands in your hand. Rub the palm of her hand with your other thumb.

Rub your thumb down the patients thumb line along the edge of her hand to just above the wrist. This is a reflexology bladder zone. Massage the area until the patient feels relieved or until all tenderness and soreness is gone. Repeat the process on the patient's other hand.

Take the patient's foot into your hands. Place your thumbs on the sole of her foot. Apply pressure down the inside ridge of the foot. Massage and apply pressure to the area on the ridge just below the arch of the foot just above her heel. This is another reflexology bladder zone. Repeat the process on the other foot and massage the area until the pain and tenderness subsides.


Apply lotion to soften the skin on the hands and feet while you massage. Soak the patient's feet in warm water with a teaspoon of Epsom salt to relax their muscles and skin.