Individuals that have acne often try various methods to combat the problem. It's not just teenagers that suffer from acne but adults also cope with the problem of pimples, blisters, cysts, and scarring. Many people with acne discover that various washes, cleansers, medications, and other products fail to provide them with the benefits that improve their acne.

One particular treatment that has been used by thousands of people looking for a remedy to their acne is urine therapy. Urine therapy is a practice that is popular in alternative medicine. Urine therapy goes by multiple names including urotherapy, uropathy and urinotherapy. A person that practices this uses his or her own urine for cosmetic or medicinal purposes.

For medicinal purposes, an individual might drink their own urine in an attempt to heal their bodies of various illnesses. However, when it comes to acne, this therapy is used for cosmetic purposes and is massaged into the skin. The practice has been used by ancient cultures, but is fairly new for modern women and men who are looking for a natural cure to their acne.

To conduct urine therapy, the first step is to collect your urine. It is recommended that the person use their first urine of the day, which normally occurs early in the morning.

After a person has collected their urine in a container, they should use a cotton ball and apply the urine to their skin.

Individuals that want to use the urine as a toner should allow the urine to sit on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off.


People that practice uropathy sometimes report feeling stinging or tingling on the skin. Others report feeling a refreshing experience as the urine is applied to the face. Some of the immediate symptoms of urine therapy include a reduction in inflammation and irritations. Some practitioners of urine therapy have noticed a dramatic improvement in their skin.


Although most people won't try uropathy unless they feel incredibly desperate, it is still a possible option when the acne scars simply won't go away. Urine therapy is absolutely free. It is one of the most natural ways that a person can attempt to relieve their acne.