Reflexology massage.
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Many people use foot reflexology as a complementary treatment for their health problems. Practitioners of reflexology believe the foot contains reflex points that correspond to the organs of the body, including the liver. They believe that applying pressure to these points causes the organs to release toxins and begin functioning better. No data exist that directly show these detoxifying effects, but it has been shown that reflexology improves the symptoms of many conditions. Whatever the actual cause of such improvements, it certainly doesn't hurt to include reflexology in your liver health regime.

Locate the reflex point associated with the liver. Each foot has one. They are located approximately one inch below the smallest toe on the underside of the foot. You can see a diagram on the website.

Ask a certified massage therapist or an individual you trust to apply pressure to your liver reflex points with his thumbs. He should apply pressure in a circular motion that incorporates the whole area of the points. Each application of pressure should last a few seconds at a time.

Use a reflexology foot mat. You can purchase a foot mat that contains several knobby bumps. By walking on the mat, you can use the bumps to apply pressure to your liver reflex points and thus perform reflexology on yourself.