How to Locate the Reflexology Colon Zone. The colon, also called the large intestine, is one of the body's most important organs. The colon transports and compacts fecal matter to be passed through the rectum. Many doctors believe that most major illnesses come from the colon. Proper colon health gives your body more energy and helps you feel better overall. Use reflexology to stimulate the colon.

Relax the patient. Have him sit in a comfortable chair or lay down to allow their muscles and body to relax. This especially helps when using reflexology to help relieve stress.

Sit at the patient's feet. Take the left foot in both of your hands and massage the area between the arch of the foot and the heel. This is a colon zone. Pay specific attention to the outer edge of the foot. Place the right foot into your hands and massage the same areas of the right foot.

Pay particular attention and apply more pressure to areas that are sensitive to the patient. If the area or organ is not working correctly or is in pain, the zone of the foot is more sensitive.

Sit the patient up. Have him place his hand one at a time in your hand. Rub and apply pressure to the bottom of the hand from the thumb over to in between the pinky and the ring finger. This is another colon zone. Repeat for the other hand.


Using reflexology to stimulate the colon aides the patient's digestion and helps the elimination of fecal matter.