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The practice of colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is intended to improve mental and physical well-being. Today, this type of colon cleanse is administered by a trained therapist in a professional facility. While there are many potential physical and psychological benefits, the costs of this treatment are unfamiliar to many.


Colonic hydrotherapy treatments are administered by a colon therapist in a series of three treatments. The sessions are spread out over a week to two-week period. Depending on the amount of fecal waste accumulated in the body and the results of the initial treatments, additional appointments may be recommended.


According to the Colon Therapists Network, prices for colon irrigation range between $55 to $95 per treatment, varying between locations and centers. Depending on the facility, packages and discounts can increase the affordability of this treatment since it is not traditionally covered by medical insurance.


Because this therapy is considered a form of alternative medicine, most insurance policies will not cover or discount the cost. However, it can be more affordable by making payments through a heath flex spending account. This type of account allows individuals to set aside part of their paycheck tax-free to cover health-related expenses.