How to Locate the Reflexology Stomach Zone

By LeafTV Editor

How to Locate the Reflexology Stomach Zone. Stomach aches and pains lead to a variety of intestinal problems. For centuries people have used reflexology to aide in the relief of stomach problems. Reflexology eases the pain caused from stomach aches by relieving the stress and stimulating the stomach muscle. Be on your way to a healthy, happy stomach with a little information and assistance.

Locate the Reflexology Stomach Zone

Step 1

Lay or sit the patient so he is comfortable. Allow his to position himself. The patient may be lying down or sitting in this position for up to an hour while you perform the reflexology treatment. Their comfort is essential to relieving stress.

Step 2

Hold the patient's left hand in the palm of one of your hands. Take your other hand and rub just under the top pad of the hand. Start between the middle finger and the ring finger and press around to the side of the hand and down to the wrist in a circular motion. Make a "C" shape. This is the stomach zone. The pad of your hand is the fatty part below your fingers. The stomach zone is located on the left hand not the right hand.

Step 3

Position yourself so you have access to the patient's feet. This needs to be a comfortable position for you as you may need to massage for a while.

Step 4

Lift the left foot into your hands. Use your thumbs to apply pressure around the outside ring of the arch of the foot. The stomach zone on the foot is only located on the left foot and intersects with the liver zone and the kidney zone. Because of this you also stimulate the kidney and liver along with the stomach during the reflexology treatment.