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Chi is a line of high-quality hair care products and accessories that carries a wide variety of items, including flat irons. The company sells a versatile flat iron, made of ceramic, and equipped with attachments that allow you to flatten wet hair into dry, straight hair in a short period of time. The Chi flat iron is fairly easy to clean, and incorporating a regular cleaning routine into your schedule will allow you to get the longest possible use out of the flat iron.

Daily Cleaning

If you use the flat iron daily, it can build up scum and residue very quickly. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to clean the flat iron after every use. This takes only a few seconds and goes along way in prolonging the life and appearance of the flat iron. After straightening your hair each day, unplug the flat iron, and wipe clean with a damp bath towel. This will remove the majority of buildup before it has a chance to dry into the prongs of the flat iron.

Weekly Cleaning

Each week, incorporate a more thorough cleaning routine if a simple daily cleaning is not enough. Using a wash cloth, run warm water over the entire cloth, then wring out excess water. Turn the flat iron on for a few minutes, just enough to warm it up, then unplug the flat iron (the buildup will loosen more easily when warm). Pour a drop of hair shampoo onto the wash cloth, then scrub the ceramic prongs of the flat iron. This may require repetition and elbow grease to remove all of the buildup, but this is a crucial part of maintaining the styling tool that will get you prolonged use.

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