How do I Change the Battery on a Fossil F2 Watch?

By Collier Jackson

Fossil replaces batteries for a fee, but it is cheaper to buy a replacement battery for your Fossil F2 watch and change it yourself. Watch battery replacement does not require specialty knowledge, although some general technical skill is required.


Step 1

Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the hole in the back of the watch.

Step 2

Turn the cover to the left until it comes loose.

Step 3

Lift the seal that covers the battery using the tip of the screw driver.

Step 4

Apply light pressure to the spring attached to the battery latch. This releases the latch to give you access to the battery.

Step 5

Remove the used battery.

Step 6

Insert the new battery.

Step 7

Close the latch to secure the battery.

Step 8

Replace the seal that covers the battery.

Step 9

Lay the watch cover over the seal. Use a screwdriver to turn the cover to the right until it locks into place.

Step 10

Test the watch to be sure the battery replacement corrected the problem.