True Religion jeans made their way onto the pop culture scene in late 2002. Based out of Los Angeles, Jeffrey Lubell wanted to create a new, quality version of premium denim. Taking his inspiration from the 1970s style of jean wear, Lubell's True Religion line features products loved by consumers and celebrities alike.

Brand Image

True Religion's brand image is one of quality and class. The American-made mentality, along with chic Bohemian flair, make these jeans the hottest on the market. The various styles appeal to many and are a guaranteed best fit.

Price Worthy

True Religion jeans cost between $174 and $363, in 2009. Although marketed to a higher-end jean consumer, these products have a lifetime guarantee and can be replaced if a malfunction occurs. This guarantee appeals to many consumers.

Public Option

In 2003, Jeffrey Lubell took the company public and is currently trading on the NYSE. True Religion (TRLG). In 2008, True Religion's net sales were $270.0 million, an increase of 55.8 percent from 2007.

Style Diversity

In addition to its worldwide brand image, True Religion puts forth a product that differs from its competitors. The designers stress vintage styles, which follows the trend of Bohemian life and style. True Religion also produces sweaters, cotton shirts, vests, and jackets to complete its retro-jean, classic comfort line.

Future of True Religion

True Religion Brand Jeans has more than 20 boutiques in the United States and the line is also distributed through high-end department stores. The corporation believes in global expansion and operates a European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. The jeans are sold in more than 50 countries.