Haircuts for Teen Boys

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Not very long ago, teen boys were extremely limited in their hairstyles. Hair was often short and parted on the side, spiked or styled into a buzz cut. Today's teen boys still enjoy some of these classic looks, but they also have other options. Finding a hairstyle that works for them is easier than ever.

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Haircuts For Teen Boys

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Short Spiky Hair

Short, spiky hair has been around for quite some time. According to layered, this look is very easy to do and has many variants. Have the barber trim the hair evenly all the way around, or have him layer it instead. Both styles can be spiked, but they will look slightly different from each other. To get the spiked look, use gel or a holding spray on the hair, then run your fingers through it until it stands up. There are a couple of variants on this as well; you can actually shape the hair into spikes, or use a wide-toothed comb.

The Buzz Cut

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for the overly active boy. It is easy to wash, requires very little styling, and can be shaped in a matter of minutes. This cut is popular with African American boys, as well as boys of other ethnic backgrounds. The buzz cut has a few variations; you can choose how long the top should be, and what lines or shapes you would like, if any. Clean lines between the top and sides of this cut look best on younger teens, while older ones can express their individuality by choosing unique designs. For the latter group, swirls are popular, as are squares and other geometric shapes.

Short Layered Haircuts With Fringe

Today, many boys opt for this look as a way to look different without needing to spend a lot of time on their hair. Beauty and the suggests you ask the barber to layer the hair as he cuts, leaving bangs (also known as fringes) in the front. The layers should be short in the back and slightly longer in the front. To wear this properly, you need to have a good idea of your facial structure. Tall boys with angular faces can wear longer layered fringe styles that frame the face. Shorter boys with rounder faces may prefer a short layered fringe that doesn't touch the face at all.