Good Hairstyles for Round Faces & Curly Hair

By LeafTV Editor

When it comes to hairstyles, there is no such thing as one style fits all. To find out what hairstyle will flatter you most, you first have to take into consideration your face shape and hair type. If you have a round face and curly hair, there are several hairstyle options that will help you look your best.

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Good Hairstyles For Round Faces Curly Hair


Short Hair

Women with round faces should look for styles that will slim or elongate their faces. If you are looking for a short hairstyle, keep it below the chin and avoid one length bobs. Ask your stylist for a layered look that will add style and volume, but be sure that the volume is added around the crown instead of the sides of the face.

Hairstyles that cut off around the cheekbone will add unwanted fullness to your face. Curls at the crown will give height and create the illusion of an elongated face. Keep in mind that layers on short hairstyles should be for shape, not fullness. An asymmetrical or diamond shape works well on round faces.

Long Hair

If you'd rather keep your curly hair long, ask your stylist for layers. Since most curly hair is thick, layering can thin it out and create shape at the same time. Stay away from layers that add fullness. Instead, ask for wispy layers that begin below the chin, or for a graduated shag. If you want bangs, go for layered bangs or side-swept bangs. Avoid blunt and full bangs. These types of bangs will accentuate the roundness of your face. When styling your hair, try an off-center part or a messy zigzag part. Center parts are not flattering to round faces.

Other Tips

If you have curly hair, you should use small amounts of shampoo and more conditioner. This is because curly hair tends to dry out easily, leading to frizz. Conditioning more and using a curl defining product will enhance your curls and make your haircut look even better. Don't forget that a good color job can also add greatly to your overall look. Highlights can slim your face and add definition.