Girls' Hairstyles in the 1930s

By Sidney Johns

The United States was in the midst of the Depression, and it looked to Hollywood for relief. It is no wonder that the hairstyles of the day were influenced by the lovely ladies of the silver screen.

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Finger Waves


Brought to fashion by movie legend Jean Harlow, finger waves found their way into short and medium-length hairstyles of the 1930s. The look was achieved by applying setting gel to the hair and molding it into waves with your fingers until the gel was dry.

Pin Curls

Popular for short hair, pin curls were achieved by applying setting gel and rolling the hair into a curl with the fingers. The curls were held in place with bobby pins until they dried.



Made popular by movie actress Bette Davis, the upswept look required many bobby pins to hold the hair at the crown. The ends of the hair were often curled and arranged on top of the head.


Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo made hats all the rage in the 1930s. The small hats were worn angled downward over half of the woman's face to achieve a shadowed look.

1930s Fashion Facts

The turn of the decade in 1930 brought a feminine form and style back to the fashion industry. Curvy body shapes accompanied curvy hair on the runways of Paris throughout the 1930s, doing away with the boy-look of the 1920s.