Clothing Styles for the Middle Aged Woman

By Suzannah Windsor

Middle-aged women face the challenge of finding flattering clothing styles. Journalist Julia Turner says older women have more money to spend than younger women, but they have fewer choices in clothing which can make shopping frustrating. When some types of clothing seem suited to younger women and others seem suited to older women, a woman in the middle finds herself dissatisfied and confused as to what is most appropriate for her.

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Don't limit your clothing styles because of your age.

Looser Styles

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Looser styles work well for mature women. encourages mature women to choose dress styles appropriate to their changing shapes. They suggest looser styles and two-piece dresses or those with longer coats that extend past the waist. Belted dresses tend to attract attention to the waist, which is why most middle-aged women should avoid them. However, looser doesn't necessarily mean shapeless; tailored looks are flattering to any shape and age as long as they aren't clingy.

Classic Styles

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Classic styles are perfect for any age.

The classics are always in vogue, which is why says middle-aged women should stick to the tried, tested and true. Forget the trends and focus on enduring styles you have admired in other fashionable, mature women and celebrities. Black, navy and neutral colors are always flattering and never go out of style.


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Accessories and bright colors are perfect mature women.

Accessories are flattering to a middle-aged woman's age and shape, says Shrugs and cardigans can cover less-than-perfect arms, and scarves disguise wrinkles around the neck area. Accessories are also a quick way to incorporate the latest colors into an otherwise neutral wardrobe. Grace n' Glamour writes that one statement piece of jewelry is more effective for mature women than the larger, funkier styles typically worn by younger women.