Shaving her legs
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Choosing to shave your legs is a personal matter. Contrary to what some may think, shaving your leg hair does not make it grow back thicker. There are no medical benefits to shaving your legs; many women -- and some men -- simply prefer the look and feel of a hair-free leg.

Shaves Off Time

Men and women cyclists and swimmers tend to shave legs because it might help improve performance. Races where winners win by fractions of a second could have a different outcome if one opponent is slowed by hair weight.

Smooth to the Touch

Some people prefer shaved legs because it feels smooth or sexy. Hairless legs are also a benefit when applying moisturizer or exfoliating the skin. Hair won't get in the way of lotion absorption or the sloughing off of dead skin cells.

Looking Good, Feeling Clean

Bodybuilders shave the hair off of their legs -- and entire body -- because it gives muscles and skin a clean look. For the rest of us, hairless legs might simply feel cleaner. Young girls looking to fit in socially typically shave their legs around puberty, but there are no medical benefits to this.

To Get a Leg Up

A woman might want to shave her legs to help her chances at advancing in the corporate world -- for example, where there is a certain expectation to fit in with clients and coworkers. Men who are excessively hairy may find that women appreciate trimmed or shaved legs for aesthetic or touching reasons. In addition, a body massage might feel more relaxing to a man who doesn't have leg hair.