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After taking a shower in record time, getting the kids organized and making sure that you're wearing matching shoes, a terrible thought creeps into your brain: you forgot to shave your legs. You could take the risk and hope no one notices, or take five minutes to achieve silky-smooth, enviable legs. Jump back into the shower and use the correct products to shave your legs in a flash, no matter whether you're rushing out the door or have kids screaming at you to get out of the shower.

Step 1

Turn on the spigot in the bathtub and, as it fills, dampen your legs. Don't attempt to shave dry legs, as this will lead to razor burn and irritation. Plug the tub's drain when there's about 1 to 2 inches of water. If you're taking a quick shower, be sure to moisten your legs while you shampoo and condition your hair.

Step 2

Cover your legs with a thin layer of shaving cream or gel. Avoid the temptation to heap a huge amount of shaving cream on your legs because this will slow you down during shaving. Grab a new, multi-blade razor and begin shaving either leg. A sharp three-, four- or five-blade razor allows you to remove hair without taking multiple passes over the same area. Only shave the first leg's knee and below.

Step 3

Continue to shave your first leg, paying attention to rinse off the blade after every two or three swipes. If you only apply a thin layer of shaving cream, it's not necessary to rinse the blade after every swipe.

Step 4

Shave the second leg's knee and below. Rinse off the shaving cream from both. If you're satisfied and aren't wearing a short skirt, get out of the tub. If you're wearing a skirt or short that exposes the area above the knee, take a few extra seconds to shave your upper legs. If you can get away with it and are wearing a longer skirt or capris, don't worry about shaving your upper legs.

Step 5

Step out of the shower and pat your legs dry with a soft towel. Work a moisturizing lotion into any area you just shaved and get dressed.