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While it's easy to reach for a razor to keep your legs smooth, shaving isn't the longest-lasting method. Shaved hair starts to grow back within a day, losing the smooth finish you worked for in favor of stubble. If a busy schedule doesn't allow you to tote a razor around, opt for depilatory products instead. Depilatories remove hair at the root -- instead of cutting it off above the skin like shaving -- to keep you hair-free longer. Keep your legs smooth for up to three weeks without shaving with a new hair-removal routine.

Place a body brush just above your ankles, and slowly sweep it upward until you reach your knees. Work your way around your legs, going over each section 3 times. Repeat on your thighs, moving the brush gently. Choose a natural-bristle body brush to slough away dead skin and bring hair to the surface for long-lasting removal.

Massage a moisturizing body wash into them using a circular motion. Choose a low-sulfate, oil-based body wash to avoid drying out your skin. Rinse with warm water. The water and cleanser will soften hair for easy removal.

Gently pat your legs dry with a towel and apply a thin, even layer of depilatory cream to the hair. Choose a cream formulated for legs and your skin type to prevent irritation.

Wipe the cream away with a tissue after the indicated amount of time.This is typically 5-7 minutes.

Smooth a thick layer of moisturizing hair inhibitor over your legs. Balm textures will lock in moisture for lasting smoothness while slowing hair growth. Reapply daily after showering.


Remove the depilatory cream immediately if you feel any irritation.