Women's Buzzed Hairstyles

By LeafTV Contributor

A woman may choose to get a buzz cut for many reasons---to make a statement, to cope with hair loss, to make a radical change in her hairstyle or simply because she likes the way a buzz cut looks. Buzz cuts are not common on women, because they tend to look more masculine, but they can be flattering and are mostly maintenance-free.

Face Young Woman With Buzz Cut
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Women's Buzzed Hairstyles


Adding color to a buzz cut is one way to personalize it. While most women wear their buzz cuts with their natural hair color, coloring your buzz cut can make it stand out. This is especially useful if you want to make a statement.

Coloring your hair blond will put the focus on your face. Coloring your hair black will tend to put more emphasis on your hair, but will still allow your face to be prominent. If you want to make a bold statement, color your hair a bright color, such as blue or purple, which will put all the focus on your hair.


Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways to style a buzz cut. If you get all of your hair buzzed the same length, you can make that length a little longer or a little shorter. If you go with a short buzz (in which you are almost bald), you will probably not need to use any product or do anything to it to style it. If you go with a longer buzz, you could still choose not to use any product or do any styling, or you could use a gel to spike your hair slightly.

If you aren't ready for a true buzz cut, just buzz some of your hair. If you just buzz the sides, you will be left with a Mohawk. For Mohawk hairstyles, leave the hair in the middle long or cut it shorter, so it's just barely longer than your buzzed hair. To style a Mohawk, spike your hair in the middle, or brush it to the back or to one side, if it's longer.

If you want an asymmetrical hairstyle, buzz one side of your head. As with the Mohawk, you could leave your long side very long, or cut it just longer than your buzzed hair. For a more feminine asymmetrical hairstyle, leave the long side fairly long, and style that side as you normally would.

Buzz the back of your head, and leave some side-swept bangs in front. Straighten your bangs, and use a gel to spike the buzzed hair at the back of your head.