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We all have bad hair days now and then. But if you have a cowlick, styling your hair may be a daily battle. A cowlick is an area where your hair grows in a circle, disrupting the normal growth pattern. Cowlicks are most often found on the front hairline, crown of the head or nape of the neck. The key to looking your best with a cowlick is to find a hairstyle that suits you both.

Hairstyles for Front Cowlicks

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Front cowlicks can make many styles difficult to wear, especially those with bangs. Experts at Hairstlyeguide.com say rather than fight the cowlicks, use them to your advantage. Look for styles with a side part and part your hair over the cowlick. You can opt for longer styles without bangs, such as an asymmetrical bob, which will benefit from the extra lift the cowlick will create.

Hairstyles for Neck Cowlicks

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Short to medium styles can be the hardest to perfect if you have neckline cowlicks. With their strong circular growth pattern, these cowlicks can create unwanted curls or what looks like gaps in the hair. Stylists recommend going really short or really long. Short hair exposes the cowlicks, but they don't interrupt the hairstyle. Longer hair provides the weight to pull the hair down despite the cowlick.

Hairstyles for Crown Cowlicks

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The crown is the most common site for cowlicks, according to experts at Hairboutique.com. Most crown cowlicks tend to flatten the hair, making styles requiring volume in the crown a poor choice. Stylists say the best options for this cowlick are short to medium tousled styles, taking advantage of the hair pattern.

Working with Your Stylist

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The best way to find a style to work with your cowlick is to sit down with your stylist. Make sure your stylist is familiar with your cowlicks and has some ideas for you. You may want to also bring photos of styles you like. Once you decide on a style, talk about maintenance, hair products and tools so you will be able to keep your style long after you leave the salon.