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Angling the hair at the sides of your face helps to instantly draw attention to your facial features, whether you want your cheekbones, jawline or collarbone to be the focal point. An angled, classic face-framing style will also take some weight off your locks. Cutting angles at home will require a sharp pair of scissors and a steady hand. You'll be working with points and parameters, so start with dry hair for best results.

Shampoo, condition and blow-dry hair thoroughly prior to cutting for best results.

Place a cape or towel on your shoulders to catch hair.

Comb hair straight down and remove all tangles.

Stand up straight and keep head upright and level with your shoulders.

Angle your comb at 45 degrees to choose the starting point of your cut. The initial point will determine the shortest peak of your angle. Place the comb horizontally with the facial feature you'd like to emphasize.

Snip a point just above the comb at your desired starting point. This snip will now serve as a guide for the rest of your angled hair layer.

Comb your hair in the direction of your opposite cheek to create a soft angle.

Cut a gradual line from your starting point to the bottom of your hair.

Repeat steps 3 through 8 on the opposite side of your head.

Pull hair taut on both finished sides and run your fingers through the angled layers to ensure they are even. Trim any stray hairs as needed to even out your style.


To draw attention to your cheekbones, start your angle at their most prominent point. To emphasize full lips, start your angle just below your bottom lip.