Burberry's Flagship Store In Shanghai
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Burberry watches were once made by Burberry, a publicly held British company that has been in business for more than 150 years. However, in the early 2000s, Burberry started using Fossil to make its watches. This relationship resulted in Fossil making Burberry watches for the international market.

Burberry History

Burberry was started by Thomas Burberry, a draper's apprentice who began his own outfitters' shop in Basinstoke, England in 1856. Following this, the store grew to an emporium in 1870. Ten years later innovation at the company lead to the development of a durable fabric called garbardine. Toward the end of the 19th century, Burberry had become a publicly traded company and moved its location to 30 Haymarket St. in London. During the next 50 years the company would develop the Tielocken, a coat worn by English soldiers during the Boer War. Their products would also be used by Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. Two royal warrants have been given to Burberry, one by Queen Elizabeth II and later by the Prince of Wales. Currently, the company continues to maintain a strong following and international brand recognition.

Fossil History

Fossil was started in Texas in 1981 by entrepreneur Tom Kartsotis. After his older brother Kosta, a department store executive, mentioned how lucrative the merchandise importing business could be. A business importing moderately-prices watches, would be especially lucrative. On that advice Tom used his savings and the money he had from a ticket-selling business he owned with a friend and flew to Hong Kong. After making a deal with a manufacturer, he returned to Texas with 1,500 watches that were sold in Dallas boutiques and departments stores. Kartsotis brought on Lynne Stafford to be the Overseas Product Designer. Later his brother Kosta joined the company as well, which went public in 1993. Over time Fossil, Inc. branched out in other domestic and then international markets, including Switzerland. It's Swiss division made a deal with Burberry for worldwide distribution of its watches.


Burberry markets watches for men and women. Their characteristic checkered pattern is often seen in the band material used for the watches. Very classic in appearance, Burberry watches can be expensive. They can retail for about $300 USD and up, although occasionally they can be purchased for much less. This is much higher than Fossil watches, which can start lower than 75$ USD in price.

Places to Purchase

Besides Burberry stores, watches can be bought at various locations. They can also be purchased online at sites like Amazon.com. Offline they are available at stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Macy's. The price for the watches at non-Burberry stores is often comparable to those gotten from company stores.


Due to their high price and value, fake Burberry watches may be encountered. Sites like 21replicawatches have fake Burberry watches as well as fakes of other high-end brand watches.

The Deal

In 2001, Burberry made a deal with the Swiss division of Fossil to make Burberry watches for world-wide distribution. Some people now feel that Burberry watches are over-priced Fossil creations. Texas-based Fossil has bought up Swiss watch brand Zodiac and other watch companies. This Burberry agreement may simply be another means for Fossil to increasing its worldwide presence and revenue.